The idea for Leah's Hope began in 2016 when Dennyse Snyder and Denise Herrera wanted to make a difference in the life of a friend. Their friend needed resources to recover from trauma. She, like many, wanted to grow strong as a disciple of Christ, but needed more help, thus the motivation for the creation of a new Oklahoma non-profit, Leah's Hope, Inc. The company was organized in 2017.

The MISSION of Leah's Hope is to empower families to change their future. 

Our MISSIONAL HEART is to help families experience Christ-centered success through the provision of family-strengthening resources; to help them develop competency and strength in seven areas: Spiritual, Emotional, Relational, Financial, Physical, Intellectual and Vocational by providing mentoring, training, and practical experience in these areas all while sharing the love of Christ.

Our PURPOSE is to provide comprehensive support services based on Christian values to families.  When those families are in times of crisis, we will assist them with transition into successful community living. We plan to create a healing and healthy environment conducive to growth for the individual and family unit as the parent(s) works toward sustainable Independence.